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Can I purchase my vehicle at the end of the contract?

Novuna Vehicle Solutions is a vehicle leasing business offering long term rental solutions to customers with no option of ownership.

Once the vehicles have come to the end of their lease agreement Novuna instruct a third party company, Cox Automotive to collect and dispose of the vehicles. In certain circumstances there may be an option for customers to purchase a pre-leased vehicle as long as the terms of the lease agreement has been fully satisfied.

If you are not in the last month of your lease agreement an Early Termination fee will apply, please contact Novuna Vehicle Solutions Customer Services for a quote (see Existing Customer Page).
Excess Mileage charges will also apply as per your lease agreement

If the terms of the lease agreement have or will shortly be fulfilled you can request a quote to purchase the vehicle. Please email Cox Automotive with the following information:

Vehicle Registration
End of contract date
Current mileage
Desired purchase date

Cox Automotive will respond with a quote within 10 working days. The quote will be valid for 28 days.

If you proceed with the purchase, Cox Automotive charge an administration fee for the service which will be added to your quote.

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