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Fuelling Fleets in a Different Way

On the face of it, we seem to be wedded to electric batteries as the primary method of bringing carbon emissions down to net zero by 2050.

Even though the ban on selling new petrol or diesel cars and vans has been pushed back to 2035, the ZEV mandate, which sets out minimum levels of zero-emission vehicle sales between 2024 and 2030, means that most manufacturers remain committed to their original plans for switching over to battery electric vehicles.

This begs the question, with the rate of EV adoption accelerating year on year, why are some fleet operators looking at hydrogen as an alternative to the alternative?

Delivering Innovative Hydrogen Transport Projects Across the UK

In January 2024, it was announced that Novuna Vehicle Solutions had been awarded funding of over £2.1m as part of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Vehicle Consortium, which will showcase the first large-scale deployment of fuel cell electric HGVs in the UK.

As the selected HGV leasing partner in the consortium, we are working alongside German manufacturer Quantron AG, to build, fund and manage the in-life maintenance of more than 20 fuel cell electric HGVs, ranging from 4.2 to 27 tonnes, deployed in the project. We are collaborating on a number of sites across the UK to deliver hydrogen assets and pioneer the growth and introduction of these assets within the industry.

These vehicles, which will be used by some of the region's largest vehicle operators within the logistics, infrastructure, utilities and home delivery sectors, will replace diesel vehicles, reducing local air pollution and carbon emissions.

We will continue to share news and updates on the hydrogen project over the coming months. To find out more about how hydrogen could be a solution for your commercial fleet, download our total assets brochure below.

A poster displaying the key sites for hydrogen projects across the UK.

 Ten Questions Worth Asking About Hydrogen Vehicles

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With our experience and unique capability to build, fund and manage the in-life maintenance across all vehicle types, including HGVs, we’re looking forward to collaborating with other selected participants to create a cleaner transport sector and ultimately unlock the vast potential of fuel cell hydrogen vehicles.

Jon Lawes

Managing Director

Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Quantron HGV Hyrogen

Ocado Van

What Are Some Other Alternative Fuels?

Alternative fuels are made up of any material or substance that can be used to fuel vehicles instead of fossil fuels.

Some well-known alternative fuels include bio-diesel, refuse-derived fuel, chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), hydrogen, propane and other biomass sources. HGV vehicle fleets are the primary users for most of these fuels, however individual consumers are increasingly interested in them.

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