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General information

Customer Information Guide

This document details all key events that may occur during and at the end of your agreement, so you can easily navigate your leasing journey with us and then contact us if you have any queries.

Customer Information Guide 2024


Please find a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Make a Complaint

We're sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. Please follow our complaints process, so we can address your concerns.

Make a complaint

Change of details

For all changes relating to personal information such as change of address, updated email or phone number, please send details to the email address below or call us to discuss further.

Change of name/address

Please email our customer services team with supporting evidence ie marriage certificate, passport or record of divorce for change of name. If you have changed address, please send this to the same email. Emails will only be accepted from the email address we hold on file.

Update invoicing to digital

If you would like invoices to be sent to you via email, please email our customer services team advising them of the change wanted.

Maintenance & Repair (For customers with a maintenance package only)

I need to book maintenance

0344 463 2900

Please call to book a service, MOT, tyre replacement or report windscreen damage

I've been in an accident

We are sorry to hear you have been in an accident, please contact your insurer when you are able to, who will liaise with us when needed.


Make a payment online by debit card

Pay now

Set up a Direct Debit

To set up a direct debit, please complete the below direct debit mandate form and either email or post the completed document to us.

DD Mandate

Struggling to make your payments

0343 3519 021

If you miss a payment or have experienced a change in circumstances which may mean you will struggle with future payments, we are here to support you.

Please contact us on 0343 3519 021 or and we will work with you to discuss options and find a solution tailored to you after taking into consideration your overall financial position. This support will be available if you’re struggling for the first time or if you’ve already had help.

Talking to us will not affect your credit file, we can support you. If you agree an arrangement with us, this will be reflected on your credit file, but this also happens if you miss payments.

Email us

Further support

If you feel as though you need further support, please find below a list of debt charities and not-for-profit organisations who will be able to provide financial help and support:

Money Helper -

Citizens Advice -

National Debtline - or call 0808 808 4000

StepChange Debt Charity - or call 0800 138 1111

Mental Health & Money Advice

Business Debtline - or call 0800 197 6026

End of contract

We will write to you 4 weeks before your contract is due to end, however it is your responsibility to arrange the return and collection of the vehicle. Your vehicle must be returned in a legal and roadworthy condition, with a valid MOT certificate (if applicable) and all servicing documentation should be present, with no outstanding servicing or maintenance requirements. Failure to provide this may result in recharges being applied.

Please refer to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines for information on what damages are classed as general wear and tear.

End of contract guide

With regular checks and repairs (when required) you will have taken positive action towards reducing any end of contract damage charges that may follow. Please refer to the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide for more information.

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If your contract is coming to an end and you are interested in another vehicle through Novuna, we still offer Business Contract Hire and will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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Arrange a collection

It is your responsibility to arrange the collection of your vehicle. You can do this by emailing our collection agency who will confirm the collection date with you in advance.

Please be aware that there is a charge for any aborted or cancelled collections:
- Vehicles in a non-roadworthy condition (please refer to the Manheim Return Guide for more information)
- Amendments or cancellations after 12pm the prior working day prior to your scheduled appointment

£166.72 + VAT Car
£182.35 + VAT LCV

BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guides

The BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guide is an industry standard of what is considered to be fair wear and tear on your vehicle when it is returned at the end of its contract or finance agreement.

View guides

Early Terminations

You can choose to terminate your lease early at any point in the agreement. Early termination fees apply:
35% of outstanding rentals in the first 12 months
50% of outstanding rentals thereafter
Excess mileage (pro-rated) and damage charges will also apply in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

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Introducing Wondle: A New Tool for Personal Leasing Customers

We understand that by the end of your personal leasing term, minor damages like dents and scratches on your vehicle are likely, so we adhere to the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide for a fair assessment of your vehicle. To help you understand what constitutes as Fair Wear and Tear, we're offering customers a new app, Wondle, designed to assist you in evaluating these damages. With Wondle, you can easily take pictures of your vehicle, receive indicative repair costs, and understand whether the damage falls under fair wear and tear or if it's chargeable. This helps you make informed decisions about repairs and prepares you for any potential end-of-lease charges.

Interested in Wondle for your vehicle assessment? Email our team on with your name, vehicle registration, and contact details for more information.

Vehicle information

Personalised number plates

You can add a personalised number plate to your vehicle for a Fee of £25.00 by emailing our Fleet Admin Team. Please note this is in addition to any fees payable to the DVLA.

Foreign Travel

01225 773577

In order to take a lease vehicle abroad, it is a legal requirement to be in possession of a VE103 Vehicle on hire certificate. This certificate confirms that you have Novuna’s authority to take the vehicle abroad. Please contact us on the number above to request a certificate at least 10 working days prior to travel. There is a fee of £12.00 to obtain the certificate.


0344 463 2900

If you have received notice of a fine you wish to discuss please call the number above.

What to do if you've been in an accident 

Accidents happen, but our first priority is your safety. no matter how careful you are. Below are simple instructions and information on what to do if you have been involved in an accident.

Stop and turn your engine off

Following an accident, no matter how minor, you must stop. Turn your engine off, but keep your hazard lights on to make other drivers aware you have stopped.

Call for help

Note your location and call the emergency services if someone is injured or the vehicles are in a dangerous position in the road. Remain at the scene until the emergency services arrive. If you do not need emergency help, swap information with the other driver (details below) before you leave the scene.

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