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Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Fill more roles and meet sustainability goals with Electric Car Salary Sacrifice.

Buying and maintaining a car can be one of the biggest expenses in a household and also one of the biggest impacts on your employee’s individual carbon footprint. However, this could all change when they become part of your Electric Car Salary Sacrifice scheme. Driving net zero in your business is also now more important now more than ever, so promoting a scheme that empowers employees to be sustainable, could be a great tool to recruit and retain the right people for your business.

If you have 1,500 or more employees your business could be eligible to offer this exciting employee benefit that drives sustainability and satisfaction.

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What is an Electric Car Scheme?

An Electric Car Scheme, also known as Electric Car Salary Sacrifice, enables employees to exchange part of their pre-tax salary in return for a brand new car.

Employees will pay for the vehicle through a GROSS (before tax & NI) Salary Sacrifice each month which in turn reduces their PAYE, National Insurance contributions and Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) tax.

Why EV Salary Sacrifice is right for your business

Less Tax

When employees exchange part of their salary for a brand new car, part of their income tax is replaced with lower Benefit in Kind taxation. They also pay less National Insurance contributions.

Cheaper motoring

Because the company electric car scheme focuses on fully electric and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) there are even more savings to be had, including zero road tax and a reduction in fuel costs of up to 85%.

Fewer emissions

The Committee on Climate Change reports that the average home could save up to 2 tonnes per year in CO2 for each vehicle they switch to electric.

EV Salary Sacrifice made easy

With us it's simple. Our Waiver Programme will manage costs that we are unable to deduct from your employees due to a change in circumstances, some examples include Maternity & Adoption, Sickness, Early Leavers and Damage.

We fully manage all administration with your employee and advise you of any agreed additional payroll deduction.

Any disputed cost will be fully managed by us and we will define how this is balanced at implementation of your scheme.

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What does the EV Car Scheme include for your employees?

A brand new electric car

Home charge point fitting

No credit check or up front deposit

Maintenance and road tax

Car insurance for up to 3 drivers

My Novuna Charging Options

Ordering made easy

Our EV Hub is an online portal designed to ensure employees are fully informed on all considerations associated with having an electric car.

The easy to use search facility covers all electric cars and Plug-In hybrid electric vehicles on the market, with the ability to filter the results by what really matters to them.

Whether it’s vehicle range, charging speed or even vehicle boot space, they can search and compare all available vehicles to find their perfect electric car.

By proactively addressing common concerns/myths associated with having an electric car, our EV Hub is designed to build confidence in ordering an electric car.

We chose Novuna because they were the best offering out there.

We love the portal and the team have been great to work with getting this all up and running.


Danny Kingsmill

Head of Payroll and Pensions

Canary Wharf Group Plc

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