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From electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to ESG reporting and sustainability goals, the fleet and energy transition now influences a significant portion of fleet operators day-to-day challenges.

Whilst the long-term benefits of transitioning to cleaner and greener energy sources and operations are plentiful, successfully planning and implementing a more sustainable future state may seem a long and challenging journey.

The energy transition poses several challenges for fleets, many born from the need to balance cost-effective and reliable fleet operations with the growing demand for sustainable and low emission vehicles from your customers, shareholders, and employees.

As companies start to look at preparing for the necessary transition to alternative fuel fleets, there are three key challenges to consider, as outlined in each of the tabs below:

To ensure you meet your net zero goals, reduce your vehicle running costs and have a compliant and fit-for-purpose fleet, you'll need a partner that delivers practical, flexible solutions.

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One of the biggest challenges fleets face is the upfront costs associated with adopting zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).

Electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are generally more expensive than traditional ICE vehicles, which can be a very real barrier to adoption. This means they may need to operate over a longer period to come more cost effective and affordable. The vehicle cost is compounded by the added expenses of fuelling at different and often rarer stations, or building the right charging and fuelling infrastructure at your own depot sites, which can also be a sizeable investment. Investment in driver training, along with changes to existing health and safety procedures, will also need to be considered as you transition to an alternative fuel fleet. It's a transition that takes a great deal of thought, but with the right guidance and support, you can overcome these challenges and reap the rewards of a more sustainable fleet.

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Is your fleet ready to take on the challenge of implementing a sustainable fleet?

Charging and refuelling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles poses a significant challenge; without it, your fleet's range and flexibility can't meet it's potential, making it difficult for your business to adopt alternatively fuelled vehicles.

For larger fleets, on-site depot charging infrastructure is the favoured route, but it requires a sufficient grid connection to meet the power output levels needed to deploy the necessary charging infrastructure and accommodate the number of vehicles required. Depending on the area's grid capacity and power supply, a grid upgrade may be necessary, and these costs can vary drastically.

Investing in on-site infrastructure and possible grid upgrades if needed is a significant financial undertaking, but it's a necessary one for larger fleets in order to transition to a sustainable fleet.

Infrastructure management is fundamental to operating alternative fuel fleets as charger availability is as important as fleet availability.

With hydrogen vehicles, mobile fuel delivery can support initial trials through on-site fuelling capabilities on a smaller scale.

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If you own your business fleet with increasing reliability issues or run your own vehicle workshops, the cost to keep your fleet on the road will continue to rise.

Transitioning to maintaining and repairing a new sustainable fleet entails much more than simply onboarding the new alternative fuel vehicles into your operations – for the future need you must challenge all the things you thought you knew about the maintenance and repair of your vehicles, especially if your current fleet operating model includes in-house workshops.

To future-proof your fleet, you must examine your traditional fleet operating model and ask yourself if it's still relevant. Alternative fuel vehicles require different maintenance and repair procedures compared to traditional diesel vehicles. Manufacturers now recommend that only approved workshops with fully trained technicians using genuine parts carry out all maintenance and repairs. These recommendations are based on the investment needed in specialist training, equipment, employee health and safety compliance, and extended warranty periods offered by the vehicle manufacturers.

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Collaborate with a leasing partner who can deliver a single support solution

Consider a consultative approach by partnering with Novuna Vehicle Solutions to work on these challenges together. Collaboration brings innovation, creativity and challenges current fleet thinking to help you choose the right sustainable fleet operating model.

Start your fleet transition journey today by selling your existing fleet and leasing it back

Sale and Leaseback helps you fix your fleet costs and plan for the future transition to alternative fuel vehicles. As a trusted leasing partner, we can take away the uncertainty and risks around transitioning to new alternative fuel vehicles, as well as the costly upfront investment and ongoing maintenance of charging infrastructure.

Learn more about Sale and Leaseback

Van driving

Futureproof your fleet with Sale and Leaseback

If you own and maintain your business vehicles, the pressure to transition to alternative fuels could be challenging and costly.

With Sale and Leaseback from Novuna, you could release equity in your fleet by transitioning to a leasing model, with experienced fleet experts who will work with you to build a fleet strategy to reduce carbon footprint, costs and risk.

Assisting Amey PLC's Decarbonisation Strategy

Specialising in assisting businesses with decarbonisation ambitions, we worked with Amey PLC to deliver a strategy to contribute to their net zero targets.

Novuna Vehicle Solutions installed 26 efficient electric chargepoints across Amey PLC's site in Glasgow to assist with their employees' transition to EVs, as well as to power their mission-critical fleet.

Learn more about how we have helped Amey PLC to take further steps towards their net-zero ambitions through the short video below.

We are changing the behaviours and attitudes as we look to work with EVs in our operational management of the highway network. The way we have worked with Novuna Vehicle Solutions has been instrumental in this.

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Jon Faulkner

Chief Operating Officer,

Amey PLC

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Waste and Recycling

More than just funding and vehicles

With over 30 years of leasing experience, Novuna Vehicle Solutions are the trusted fleet partner of some of the UK's largest complex fleets.

We deliver where it matters, with 100% vehicle compliance and +99.5% fleet availability, empowering businesses of all sizes to drive change.

We're proud to be different, with experienced and qualified commercial vehicle experts across our teams, ready to deliver solutions that meet your budget and business strategy.

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