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Forklift leasing for warehouse and manufacturing industries 

We offer an extensive range of high-quality, innovative warehouse forklifts including counterbalance trucks, pallet trucks, reach trucks and order pickers. As well as funding and forklifts, we offer a fully managed and maintained solution for your forklift fleet, or in addition to your other commercial vehicle on fleet.

Make the right decisions

  • Application and industry expertise drives future-proof decisions
  • Full fleet reports deliver enhanced safety, savings and productivity
  • Expert led reviews mean early identification of risks and opportunities

Protect and retain drivers

  • Industry-leading ergonomics reduce the risk of RSI
  • Strong, durable materials improves driver safety standards
  • Digital log-ins limit access to fully trained and approved drivers

Optimise efficiency

  • Intuitive controls offer a quicker path to optimal productivity
  • Flexible battery change solutions support multi-shift environments
  • Built-in safeguards reduce maintenance and extend truck life

Maximise uptime

  • All trucks maintained by a nationwide network of mobile engineers
  • Fast moving parts kept 'in-van' for quicker repairs
  • An industry-leading 95% first time tax rate

Decarbonise at the right time

  • Expert analysis of costs and operational impact
  • Insights that help you switch when it's right for your business
  • Trucks, options and solutions to support the switch

Simplify your supply chain

  • One trusted partner for any asset, anywhere in the UK
  • A single point of contact and a consistent way of working
  • A complete product and service solution to meet all your needs

Counterbalance Trucks 

A counterbalance forklift is a widely used and popular asset for heavy load lifting, used both internally within a warehouse and in an external yard.

Counterbalance forklifts can help move and lift heavy loads, offering maximum safety as the 'counterbalance' acts as a weight against the materials your drivers are handling.

They offer a long life-span due to their quality build, as well as reduced running costs if you choose an electric option.

Pallet Trucks 

Pallet trucks are a core element of any materials handling operation.

We can offer a variety of pallet trucks that offer efficient handling of heavy pallets over short distances in the warehouse, or pedestrian powered and stand-on models for a faster solution.

Stand and sit-on pallet trucks can offer comfort and efficiency over longer periods of use.

Reach Trucks

Reach Trucks are ideal for warehouses that require removal and placement of pallets in narrow aisles and high racks.

With their solid design and strength they are ideal for high stacking of any kind of pallet or load up to 13 meters.

Other models, such as Telescopic Forks and Multi-directional Handling can access deep racks, narrow aisles and irregular pallets with ease.

Order Pickers

With the huge demand in online shopping in the last decade, Order Pickers are a valuable asset to add to your fleet of forklifts.

Order pickers are flexible and manoeuvrable, and can assist with lifting their drivers for easier picking at low, medium and high levels.

Order Pickers are versatile, so when not being used for order picking they can also assist with the transportation or stacking of pallets.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are equipped with Lithium-ION batteries which are specifically designed to provide maximum performance and safety. As well as reducing your carbon footprint, you will also benefit from:

  • Greener and lower running cost - 30% less energy consumption than conventional lead-acid batteries

  • Maintenance free - Charging system negates the need for battery changing or additional physical maintenance and there’s no need to top up

  • Lower lifetime costs - 5–10 year life span and high efficiency operation reduces real terms whole life cost

  • Consistent power levels - Constant power even at low charging levels

Charging electric forklifts 

Charging the Lithium-ION batteries is easy. Connect the charger and the truck will automatically shut down and charging begins.

With a fast charging rate of 1C the battery will be fully charged in one hour. Novuna can provide and install charge units for your forklifts as part of our Workplace and Depot Charging Solution.

Managing your forklift fleet

Our VOM (Vehicle and Operation Management) tool helps you collect, measure, benchmark, and analyse your operational data.

Fully customisable analysis and KPI reports are based on real time information collected from each forklift. Comprehensive, accurate, and always up-to-date information enables better decision making and fleet planning.

Regular account reviews ensure the services we provide continually evolve to meet your current and future needs.

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