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What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment or have experienced a change in circumstances which may mean you will struggle with future payments, we are here to support you.

Please contact us on 0343 3519 021 or ramt@novunavehiclesolutions.co.uk and we will work with you to discuss options and find a solution tailored to you after taking into consideration your overall financial position. This support will be available if you’re struggling for the first time or if you’ve already had help.

Talking to us will not affect your credit file, we can support you. If you agree an arrangement with us, this will be reflected on your credit file, but this also happens if you miss payments.

If you feel as though you need further support, please find below a list of debt charities and not-for-profit organisations who will be able to provide financial help and support:

Money Helper www.moneyhelper.org.uk Tel: 0800 138 0555 or WhatsApp 077 0134 2744.
Business Debt line www.businessdebtline.org or call 0800 197 6026.
Citizens Advice - https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/
National Debt line - www.nationaldebtline.org or call 0808 808 4000
Step Change Debt Charity - www.stepchange.org or call 0800 138 1111
Mental Health & Money Advice – https://www.mentalhealthandmoneyadvice.org/en/