Charge Side Chats 

Introducing, Charge Side Chats, our award winning campaign aimed at helping UK drivers make the switch to electric vehicles!


Meet our chatters 

We've been chatting  with London Taxi drivers, Tesla enthusiasts and families who shared with us their experiences of driving, charging and living with an electric car, and why they'll never go back to a petrol or diesel. We also spoke with Sam Clarke, Chief Vehicle Officer at Gridserve, to discuss the future of Electric Vehicles, and the positive impact this electric forecourt has had on the UK so far, putting us firmly on the road to a greener future.

Charge Side Chats has been designed to raise awareness of electric cars, the access and suitability for everyday drivers. As leaders in Decarbonisation, our number 1 goal is to get the UK driving electric.

Now is the time for change, now is the time to chat Electric.

Michael, Tesla Enthusiast 

Sophie Interviewing Michael at Gridserve, who has been an Electric Vehicle owner for over 5 years. A real advocate for EVs, full of knowledge and experience. 

The Oliver Family 

Sophie Interviewed the Oliver Family, who stopped for break and a charge on the way home from their family holiday. They were happy to share their thoughts on living with and driving an electric car. 

Graeme, London Taxi Driver

Graeme is a London Taxi Driver who had a seamless transition to an Electric Cab and said he'd never revert back to a Diesel or Petrol vehicle. Graeme is also feeling the benefits of driving an EV in the low emission zones in London!

Mark, British Gas Engineer

Mark has been a British Gas Engineer for 15 years and has just made the switch into a fully electric van. He told us he found charging and paying very efficient and would certainly look to buy or lease one for himself in the future.

More about GRIDSERVE

GRIDSERVE is a pioneering sustainable energy business, who develop, build, own and operate dependable, low cost, clean energy solutions.

Sam Clarke is a 'life-long entrepreneur, EV advocate, industry advisor and EV driver for nearly 20 years.' In 2021 was voted #17 in the top 100 most influential people in Low Carbon Fleets.

Sam's self written job description states his role is to 'Electrify the Nation' and that pretty much covers it!  Hear Sam's' and all our chatters interviews over on our YouTube channel now.

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