Electric Cars to Look Out for in 2024

Thursday 14th December 2023

It’s been well publicised that the government's ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel cars has been pushed back to 2035. What’s less well known is that the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate will still come into force as originally planned.

Under the mandate’s rules, 22% of new cars sold by manufacturers in 2024 must be zero emission which, in most cases, means battery electric. The minimum requirement will then rise year-on-year, reaching 80% in 2030. Failure to comply with the rules will result in heavy fines for every non-compliant car sold.

Despite a change in the final deadline, many of the major car manufacturers are sticking to their original plan of being fully electric by 2030 at the latest — which means we can expect to see plenty of new EVs hit the market over the next few years.

With more choice comes more competition, which can only be good news for people and businesses who are ready to make the switch. Here are some of the key models to look out for in the year ahead.

1. Audi A6 e-tron

The A6 e-tron is one of 20 new model launches Audi has planned by 2025 and will be available as a Sportback saloon or Avant (estate). The latter is particularly interesting, as rivals BMW are also planning a 2024 launch of their new all-electric i5 Touring model.

With rapid charging capabilities of up to 270kW, the new A6 e-tron will likely deliver 186 miles of range on a 10-minute charge and go from 5% to 80% in around 25 minutes. With a full charge, you could be looking at a range of 400+ miles.

2. Audi Q6 e-tron

The Q6 e-tron is the first Audi to be based on their new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, developed as part of their joint venture with Porsche. Audi has described the upcoming Q6 e-tron as a ‘transformation of the four rings into a leader in the field of electric mobility’ and that it ‘paves the way to Audi's all-electric future’. These are bold claims, but then again, it’s a bold car. It boasts an active digital light signature, eco-friendly materials, bags of space and top-end battery and charging technology from which we can expect a range of up to 372 miles — depending on the model variant.

3. BMWi5 Touring

Swiftly following on from the recently launched BMW i5 saloon comes the i5 Touring. Predicted to arrive in Spring 2024, BMW are currently tight-lipped over what to expect, but the first all-electric i5 Touring is being described as a combination of ‘sporty, progressive design’ and ‘intuitive technology, precise driving dynamics and modern versatility’. That’s about it for now, but more information will be available soon.

4. Citroen Ë-C3

One of the criticisms of electric vehicles has been their comparatively high cost to buy or lease. It’s a fair point but, while there are certainly plenty of high-end EVs — with a price tag to match — the new Citroën ë-C3 will offer 198 miles of range for just £23,000 (maybe a bit less). As it stands, this will make it one of the cheapest full-size (five-seat) electric cars on the market. Equipped with Citroën’s Advanced Comfort Suspension®, including Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, it’s a city car that delivers comfort, practicality, and affordable electric mobility around town.

5. CUPRA Tavascan

The Tavascan is CUPRA’s first electric SUV coupé and it has clearly been designed to offer a slightly futuristic feel, with illuminated CUPRA logos on the outside and a Y-bone central Dark Ice Metal console in the cabin. The Tavascan offers a driving range of up to 339 miles, and has the ability to get another 62 miles of range from a quick 7-minute charge (all the usual caveats apply).

When you do get home, the Trained Park Assist will use its pre-learned spaces information to control the steering and braking for you and, if the space is a little too tight, the Remote Park Assist will allow you to carry out the manoeuvre on your mobile.

6. Dacia Spring

In July 2023, Dacia announced that they would be bringing ‘Europe’s most affordable electric car’ to the UK. Having notched up 120,000 orders across Europe, the UK will see an all-new version that Dacia promises will live up to their reputation of delivering a ‘no-nonsense blend of value, efficiency, and durability’. Smaller than Citroën’s ë-C3, the Dacia Spring is aimed at less demanding city drivers who are more than happy with a c.140-mile range.

7. Hyundai IONIQ 5 N

The IONIQ 5 N is Hyundai’s first all-electric offering within its N range of everyday sports cars. It has recently been named Car of the Year for 2023 by TopGear.com, which described it as a ‘new and brilliant chapter’ in EVs.

With a clear emphasis on fun, Hyundai has decided to let you hear the electric power by pairing N Active Sound+ with N e-Shift and using a 10-speaker system to blast out a choice of three sound themes which dynamically react to your speed and throttle position. On a more serious note, while the range is yet to be confirmed, Hyundai anticipates that it will be around 280 miles.

8. Kia EV3

The EV3 is one of three new electric Kias. We are unlikely to see the EV4 and EV5 until 2025 but the EV3 should hit the UK at some point in 2024. Billed as a replacement for the Kia Soul, the EV3 concept car showed that Kia’s environmental credentials go far beyond adopting energy-efficient battery technology as a primary source of power.

The Concept EV3’s console table was made from Mycelium, which is derived from mushroom roots, so you could say that it’s a table that’s grown, rather than simply manufactured. Aside from this, not much is known about the technical specifications at this point, but more information should be released soon.

9. MINI Cooper Electric E, SE, and Countryman

The original MINI redefined what a car should look and feel like over 60 years ago and while modern versions are somewhat bigger than the original, they still offer drivers something a little different from their competitors. This is particularly true of the new Cooper Electric SE, which the Head of MINI brand, Stefanie Wurst, describes as offering ‘sustainable performance and a go-kart feel’.

You can expect a range of around 250 miles from the SE, or 190 miles for the MINI Cooper E. And if you need a little more space, the all-electric MINI Countryman, which premiered at IAA Mobility 2023, offers a very respectable range of 287 miles.

10. Polestar 4

The Polestar 4 has been described as having the aerodynamics of a coupé and the space of an SUV. Its full-length panoramic roof stretches behind the rear passenger seats to provide a light and airy feel throughout the cabin. The overall styling is what we have come to expect from such a design-driven brand and with a maximum power output of 400kW (544hp) you get both style and substance. Polestar is targeting a range of 350+ miles (WLTP) — depending on the version.

11. Renault 5 E-Tech

Renault plans to unveil the Renault 5 E-Tech electric at the Geneva Motor Show on 26 February 2024 but they have already started releasing teaser images as part of a ‘R5VOLUTION IS BACK’ campaign. The initial launch will focus on a 52kWh battery version with a range of up to 248 miles (WLTP). This will be the first Renault to use the new AmpR Small platform (formerly CMF-B EV) which not only provides optimised driving performance but also helps to reduce manufacturing costs.

12. Renault Scenic E-Tech

With proportions of 4.47m long, 1.86m wide, and 1.57m high, the Renault Scenic is very much a family car. An especially impressive feature is the Solarbay panoramic glass roof, which uses PDLCs (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) to change the opacity by segments. This means that, if the driver wants the roof to be opaque in the front but the rear passengers want full light in the back, it’s just a press of a button or, even better, ask the Google Assistant to do it for you. The preliminary specifications indicate an electric range of between 260 and 379 miles, depending on motor and battery options.

13. Volvo EX30 and EX90

Volvo wants 50% of its worldwide new car sales to be fully electric by the mid-2020s and the EX30 and EX90 will have a major say in whether they achieve this objective.

The EX30 may be Volvo’s smallest SUV to date but it’s already having a big impact, picking up a string of awards, including TopGear.com’s Eco Warrior of the Year. WLTP figures are yet to be confirmed but a range of up to 298 miles seems likely. Whereas, if you step up to Volvo’s flagship 7-seater EX90 SUV, you could be looking at over 370 miles on a single charge, or over 400 miles if you go for the top-of-the-range EX90 Excellence.

The vehicles above are just a selection of the new electric cars coming our way in 2024 and we can expect to see more updates and launches as we progress through the year ahead. We will, of course, be closely monitoring these developments and if you would like to know more, just get in touch.

Images sourced from EV-Database, Auto Trader, Google Images and Bing Images.

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