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Contact information for company car and LCV drivers

Please use the contact information below if you do not have a dedicated customer driver line number, which you can find in your welcome pack and key fob. If you have a salary sacrifice vehicle through your company and need to contact us, please use your dedicated driveline, EV Hub or Account Manager.

General Information

Make a Complaint

We're sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. Please follow our complaints process, so we can try to resolve the matter for you quickly and efficiently.

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If you haven't found what you are looking for, please download and read through the Customer Information Guide. Alternatively, you can read through our FAQs for more information.

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Maintenance & Repair 

To book any maintenance or repair work on your car, please call your dedicated driver line. If you do not have a dedicated driver line, please call us on the number below.

I need to book maintenance

0344 463 2900

Please call to book a service, MOT, tyre replacement or report windscreen damage

I've been in an accident

We are sorry to hear you have been in an accident, please contact your insurer when you are able to, who will liaise with us when needed.

End of contract

We will write to you 4 weeks before your contract is due to end, however it is your responsibility to arrange the return and collection of the vehicle. Your vehicle must be returned in a legal and roadworthy condition, with a valid MOT certificate (if applicable) and all servicing documentation should be present, with no outstanding servicing or maintenance requirements. Failure to provide this may result in recharges being applied.

Please refer to the BVRLA Fair, Wear & Tear guidelines for information on what damages are classed as general wear and tear from prolonged use, and what damages will need to be repaired before you return the vehicle to avoid damage charges.

End of Contract Guide

With regular checks and repairs (when required) you will have taken positive action towards reducing any end of contract damage charges that may follow. Read our end of contract guide for more information.


If your contract is coming to an end and you are interested in another vehicle or would like to extend your current contract, please get in touch with us for a new quote.

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Arrange a collection

It is your responsibility to arrange the collection of your vehicle. You can do this by emailing our collection agency who will confirm the collection date with you in advance.

Price to Purchase

If you wish to purchase your vehicle, please complete the attached form and email to Cox Auto, who will provide you with a Price to Purchase quote to sign and return.

BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guides

The BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guide is an industry standard of what is considered to be fair wear and tear on your vehicle when it is returned at the end of its contract or finance agreement.

View guides

Early Terminations

You can choose to terminate your lease early at any point in the agreement. Please note there will be a termination fee which will be 50% of your outstanding rental payments.

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Vehicle information

Personalised number plates

You can add a personalised number plate to your vehicle for a Fee of £25.00 by emailing our Fleet Admin Team. Please note this is in addition to any fees payable to the DVLA.

Foreign Travel

01225 773577

If you wish to travel abroad with your vehicle, you will need to request this at least 10 working days prior to your travel and will require a VE103 certificate. To book this please call the number above.


0344 463 2900

If you have received notice of a fine you wish to discuss please call the number above.

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